AGM 2020 – How It Works

The time for Edinbop’s Annual General Meeting is coming up, but this year we’re doing things a little differently: In keeping with our previous announcement, the whole process is going virtual. (A big surprise, we know!)

What that means is that we’ll put up the usual information you’d hear at the AGM — reports from the chair, treasurer, etc. — and we’ll also conduct the entire nominating/seconding/objecting process for committee candidates online.

What’s not changing is that we want you to join the Committee! If you’re interested in shaping Edinbop’s future, planning exciting events, or simply keeping things running smoothly, joining the Committee is a great way to do it.

Roles on the Committee are what you make of them, so you can get involved in a way that works for you while also benefiting the community.

The kinds of things you could get involved with are:

  • Teaching coordination

  • DJ coordination

  • Website & social media

  • Events management

  • Graphic design

  • …anything you’d love to bring to the Edinbop community!

If you would like to run, please find someone to second your nomination and both you and the person seconding you will need to get in touch with us by emailing by Sunday, the 15th of November. For anyone who’s new to the scene or struggling to find a second, let us know ASAP before the 15th and we’ll help by putting a call out to the public.

We’ll publish the final list of nominees the day after the 15 November deadline, and if you have objections or concerns about any nominee you can let us know through email or the anonymous Safer Spaces form by the following Sunday, the 22nd of November.

We’re looking forward to welcoming any new members!

– Edinbop Committee*

*Carsten, David, Ellen, Étienne, Iris, Jess, Kym, Mhairi and Suzy