Only Virtual Events for 2020

TL;DR: Edinbop activities are still suspended; send us all the virtual class/concert links; we miss you.

By now we’re sure many of you have seen the recent COVID-19 announcement by the First Minister and you may have noticed that indoor sports and activities (like dance classes) are currently able to be held as long as they’re conducted with physical distance and other health and safety measures.

For the time being, Edinbop does not have a venue available that meets the requirements for holding dance classes safely, and the Edinbop Committee expects this to remain the case for the foreseeable future. We also want to note that even if a suitable venue were to become available, in-person classes are not something we feel comfortable resuming for at least the rest of 2020. We’ve set a date in early January to see where things stand and to review this decision.

If you’re like us, you’re missing dancing a lot. We very much want to dance, and we want to facilitate places and ways for you to dance. We want to do it safely though, and we consider the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to be too high for us to hold classes in person at this time.

It might seem difficult to maintain the Edinbop community without our regular Edinbop activities — and it’s true that the scene(s) might even look pretty different in the future when it is safer to resume — but the physical health of our community members needs to come first right now so that later we can be in good shape to come together and enjoy the dances we all love!

In the meantime, we can support each other by connecting via the Edinbop Facebook groups and other safer avenues. If you know about virtual blues and swing classes and concerts or are running your own, we’ll happily advertise them on our Facebook group(s). The posting guidelines have just been updated to reflect this — please have a look before submitting your post.

Overall we want to reassure you that Edinbop is still here and that we’re looking forward to welcoming you back in person as soon as things are safer.

We hope you keep well and keep that dancing spirit alive!