Blues and Swing are Black

It’s always important to remember where blues and swing come from, and the ongoing events in the US underline why.

Blues and swing dancing are Black American artforms, performed to Black American music. The rhythms, movements, themes and symbolism found throughout these dances are inherently Black American, and cannot and should not be disconnected from this heritage.

We also need to remember that structural, institutional, and individual racism are not unique to the US, and are still huge issues within the UK and Scotland.

The current Edinbop committee is composed entirely of white dancers. We feel privileged to be able to interact with these dances so freely, and we recognise the fundamental issues and hypocrisies in our being able to do so.

We recommend that swing and blues dancers research the history of these dances, and the history and persisting struggles of black Americans:

  • Yehoodi have a short history page, featuring numerous links to articles, documentaries, blogs, and books on swing dancing.

  • Obsidian Tea by Grey Armstrong provides plenty of resources on Black American culture and blues dancing.

  • Consider following the Black Lindy Hop Matters Facebook page.

We also recommend, where you are able, donating to charities such as Black Lives Matter and the bail funds currently operating in various cities across the US.